LeBron James is a jerk, bails on team


LeBron James is a jerk, bails on team

By Justin Aucoin

We know. Our headline is redundant.

Oh well.

First Bron-Bron pulls off the biggest PR disaster since Phillip Morris claimed smoking had positive effects, then produces a cartoon all about himself, and now this

Toon Squad went on to drop the first two games of the series, but its OK because Shaq is expected to suit up for Game 3.


Looks like the ToonSquad can expect to be chained up and treated like slaves. We wonder what Adrian Peterson and Rashard Mendenhall would say about this.

Hey, even a clock is right twice a day.

In reality, this Lebron-Monstars teaming makes perfect sense.

Were just not sure which one is supposed to be sidekick Dwayne Wade.
In the end, LeBrons about to do what Elmer Fudd couldnt kill Bugs Bunny.

Oh boy