Lashoff covers John Mayer--uh, sings original tunes!


Lashoff covers John Mayer--uh, sings original tunes!

By Justin Aucoin

While 16 teams battled it out in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Toronto Maple Leaf defenseman Matt Lashoff found a productive way to spend his time releasing an album entitled Living on Heart (And 550K Cap Hit).

OK, we added the parenthetical.

Heres a little taste of what the former Bruin can do.

This clip is really misleading. It gives Lashoff a Kenny Wayne Shepherd-esque bluesrock sound when his album is actually just watered down John Mayer rip off. You can listen to clips here. Every song sounds just like the last which in turn sounds like some crap Mayer wrote while drunk some Monday night.

Sad, really, cause the kid obviously can play some tunes. Too bad hes wasting it on crappy slow rock pop trash.

As long as he doesnt wear Mayers mankini, were cool.

Some things can never be unseen.

Lashoff has to be the greatest athlete-turned-musician since Bostons Bronson Arroyo.

We, shamefully, own this album somewhere. Were not proud. We were young, impressionable, and the Sox just won the World Series so maybe a bit tipsy, too.

Anyways, heres Lashoffs band.

Didnt know he could afford one of the dudes from ZZ Top on his budget. Nice. We dig it.

Sadly, Myspace says he has no upcoming shows not sure why, not like the Leafs are going anywhere -- but we have a feeling what it would look like.

At least no one can throw waffles at him if they dont show up, right?