Kevin Garnett: Lockout negotiator


Kevin Garnett: Lockout negotiator

By Jon Fucile

The NBA is still locked out, even though no one really seems to care. It's hard to make the average sport fan care about a bunch of whiny players and billionaire owners arguing over money.

According to league officials, negotiations were starting to head in a positive direction until Kevin Garnett showed up.

Apparently Garnett strolled into the meetings and was extremely combative and tried to use his trademark stare to get everyone to give in. You know the same stare that wouldnt even make a three year old worry, but that Garnett still insists on using.

One league official told reporters that "We were making progress, until Garnett expletive everything up."

Way to go. This is just another classic example of how stupid players and owners are. Neither side wants to do what is best. Both sides just want to screw over the other side or in Garnetts case beat them into submission.

Maybe next the players should just start fighting each other.

Garnett can try to beat all LeBrons championship rings out of him in order to oh right.

It continues to baffle us why players think intimidating other players, former players or owners will work. It also baffles why ESPN thinks a 65 guy dunking a basketball through a hoop that is head level is impressive.

Greed rules these days and lockout situations like this only further that. The players fighting over everything while owners want more money even though theyre swimming in it while the average person is eating ramen noodles every night because they have too many bills to pay.

So keep using your scare tactics and keep trying to further your own selfish, greedy agenda while pretending youre trying to do what is best. Quite honestly, the vast majority of us dont even miss the NBA.