JVR's signing spawns JVDB contract demands


JVR's signing spawns JVDB contract demands

By Mary Paoletti

PHILADELPHIA -- James Van Der Beek wants more money.

Formerly content to drift into the post-Dawson's Creek deep, "JVDB" says he deserves a bigger pay day for his upcoming film about ladies' rowing.

"In West Canaan, Texas, there is another society which has it's own laws. Football is a way of life. I DON'T WANT YER LIFE. But I do want more cash."

What spawned this weird voice-over?

James Van Riemsdyk.

After two "middling" seasons in the NHL (35 and 40 points), the Flyers winger recently inked a six-year, 25.5 million extension. When Van Riemsdyk signed, many feared other unproven athletes and actors of similar names would feel some kind of entitlement.

Jim Matheson outlined this cause-and-effect in the Edmonton Journal.
GMs on other teams with similar young players must be privately cursing the Flyers because agents will certainly use the JVR deal as their comparable. Van Riemsdyk, the second player chosen in the 2007 draft after Patrick Kane, has talent. But has he really done enough to warrant this sudden largesse?

Probably not, and neither has James Van Derk Beek.

"I'm embarrassed," JVDB's agent Joey Potter said. "There names aren't even that similar. They're kind of similar, but this is ridiculous."

Loveline psychic James Van Praagh has yet to comment.