Jumbo Joe's got a case of The Stupid


Jumbo Joe's got a case of The Stupid

By Justin Aucoin

Mike Milbury called it Ference-itis a brain disease in which an NHL player opens his mouth when he probably shouldnt but Joe Thorntons case of it far surpasses anything Andrew Ference ailment.

Yesterday morning, upon realizing hes been completely irrelevant in hockey in recent memory, Jumbo Joe Thornton decided to make headlines by concocting a conspiracy on why Zdeno Chara wasnt suspended for his hit on Max Pacioretty. Via the Globe & Mail:

Its just something with Boston. It just seems like they have a horseshoe. Weve seen the Milan Lucic cross-check to the head of Dominic Moore earlier, and theres no disciplinary thing. Its just something about Boston and the disciplinary process is on their side. Im not sure why that is. Im not assuming that Colins kid is on the team and thats why, but its really bizarre.

A severe case of Ference-itis and a classic case of the stupid.

Heres the Lucic-Moore incident Thornton refers to:

The angle of the camera skews where the hit landed. Cant really tell if its shoulder or head. No call on the ice. Regardless, Thort forgot about this incident.

Thornton mustve missed that play while he was choking in another playoff game. Sad. But, hes right; Bruins have a horseshoe in their pocket since Lucic didnt get suspended on that plaoh, wait Lucic did.


Or how about this incident earlier this season?

Daniel Paille got four games for that. But yep, disciplinary is definitely on Bostons side. Good call, Joe.

Really, theres no better proof of the Bruins power over the disciplinary group than oh crap

How many games did Matt Cooke get for that, Joe?

But youre right. The Bruins definitely have a horseshoe in their back pocket. At least we all know what you have shoved up your derriere.

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