Jimmermania has only just begun


Jimmermania has only just begun

By Mary Paoletti

Poor Jimmer.

The kid can't even go to class anymore. Ever since BYU didn't win the NCAA title game (again), Jimmer has become so famous that his classmates have been hounding him for photos.

His father, Al, told the Post-Star that the attention "...was getting too disruptive. He can't go anywhere in Provo Utah without being recognized."

Consequently, Jimmer has to finish his course work online instead of enjoying relative obscurity like the rest of his lucky duck BYU teammates. Our fancy WGS cameras have gotten some great photos of The Jimmer getting hounded by these disrespectful jerks.

The pictures tell a sad story.

There have also been offers to make appearances for a lot of money. The Fredettes said one corporation offered to pay Jimmer 20,000 and take care of all of his expenses to appear at an event in Miami.

"I asked him what he does on campus when he goes out," said Al Fredette. "He said he wears a hoodie and tries not to make eye contact."

He should have tried pulling the hoodie over his eyes. That might have helped.

But, alas, the attention didn't stop no matter where Fredette traveled to collect his national player of the year awards. He was followed to the Final Four in Houston (where BYU never played) and to Los Angeles, where he won the John R. Wooden Award.

It was in LA that Jimmer tried a clever tactic used by his hero, Raven Symone.

It didn't work. Jimmer's bold statement only made the photographers and autograph-seekers hungrier. This is when things got really ugly: Fredette freaked.

He got angry for the first time when returning to his dorm after getting a post-season manicure.

The next night Jimmer was supposed to go to an umbrella convention, but a super fan parked his car at the end of the driveway to wait for a photo-op.

He got one:

Tragedy struck when the guy whose car got busted up asked Jimmer to sign one of the bigger dents in the vehicle.

Fredette ate them all. Every single person.

Maybe it's a good thing that BYU lost in the Sweet 16.