Jets to lose sense of entitlement

Jets to lose sense of entitlement

By Tom E. Curran

Since Rex Ryan blew into town, the New York Jets haven't won a division title, a conference title nor - it goes without saying, but we'll say it anyway - a Super Bowl title.

That hasn't dissuaded Gang Green from an outsized sense of entitlement.

Despite a roster and coaching staff remarkably lean in Super Bowl experience (since 2009, Damien Woody, Alan Faneca, Trevor Pryce, Calvin Pace, Plaxico Burress, Santonio Holmes and Kris Jenkins are the only men with Super Bowl experience to play for the Jets; Ryan was a defensive line coach on the 2000 Ravens), the Jets acted as if they had it all figured out.

But the unseemly end to the 2011 season has helped the Jets find religion. Or at least self-awareness.

Bart Scott, one of the leading bullhorn operators the past three years, sounds like he's dialing it back some.

Asked by Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star Ledger what will be different this year, Scott said New York will lose it's "sense of entitlement."

Scott added the team now appreciates "how hard it is in this game, and how blessed we were to be where we were (to reach the AFC Championship game in 2009 and 2010). And how hungry we are to get back there, and be able to prove the doubters wrong. They have an opinion of us, and sometimes perception is reality. But it doesnt make the perception the truth."

We could throw darts at the last two sentences - let's see perception is reality but it doesn't make perception the truth? So truth is not reality, Bart? But you are what you are and possession is four-fifths of the law, tie goes to the runner? - but why should we besmirch his introspection.