How Wilcox learned to run with Rondo


How Wilcox learned to run with Rondo

The Boston Celtics' indefinite loss of Chris Wilcox to cardiac issues takes away not only a big man, but a player to run in transition with Rajon Rondo.

Over the season, Wilcox and Rondo have developed chemistry on the fast break. What started with bumbled passes and turnovers turned into quick dunks and easy baskets between the big man and point guard.

One, youve got to be able to run the floor, said Wilcox, 29. Two, youve got to be able to catch the ball. And three, youve got to be aware because you dont know where the pass is coming from.

Prior to being sidelined, Wilcox told his three keys to playing in transition with Rondo.
1. Run the Floor: Being in transition makes it easier for me and it also makes it easier for him (Rondo). Then for the rest of the guys, theyre running the floor with me. Once I get down in the post, most of the time the whole defense will collapse and then we get Ray (Allen) for three, Paul (Pierce), all those guys. Ive always been a runner, getting out in transition, making the bigs run. Then when I got here, it was kind of difficult because I really didnt know what they were expecting from me until as of late. So now I know Ive just got to run the floor. Everything else is easy.

2. Catch the Ball: You dont know (when the pass is coming). Youve just got to be ready for anything. Youve just got to keep your eye on him and then youll see (laughs). Youve got to keep your eye on him and then when you see him going into his thing, it might be you, it might not be you because he might fake to you and kick it all the way to the three-point line. We just get a lot of our chemistry from playing. You cant watch film on him because hes got all kinds of passes he might throw, so youve just got to be ready for everything and anything.
3. Be Aware: Communication is definitely big because without that, itll be tough for everybody. Wed just be coming down the court and you just hear everything Im open! Ive gotcha! Im trailing! We talk just so we can all be on the same page. He (Rondo) might call a play that only him and the first unit know from last year, so then Id be like, Let me know where I need to go. So we just try to get on the same page, communicate thing like that. Hes changed my game a lot because he makes it so much easier because all youve got to do is just be there and the pass is going to be there.

Wilcox is averaging 5.4 points and 4.4 rebounds this season for the Celtics. With center Jermaine ONeal (wrist) also sidelined, Wilcox had been playing an increased role off the bench as of late.