How long until Ainge makes a move?


How long until Ainge makes a move?

Dan Shaughnessy joins Sports Tonight to give his opinion on what we should expect from Danny Ainge, and offers a bold move of his own.

But to start, is it possible that this is as good as the Celtics will be? Are they a .500 team?

"I think they're better than that," says Dan. "This is what they are right now. I thought it was going to be better out of the gate... I still can't believe they could ever lose to the Knicks but you start to wonder now."

The Celtics have lost five of their last seven and there doesn't seem to be much reason to believe that they will turn it around without a move of some kind.

Shaughnessy says there's still a bit of an identity crisis going on, and some areas that haven't come together as hoped.

"The defense isn't what they'd like," says Dan. "And the bench... Jeff Green... what is he? I'm still not sure what he is."

So what do the Celtics do about it?

Shaughnessy puts on his GM hat and offers this move: "I would get DeMarcus Cousins. I know he's a mental case, whatever you want to call it there. The talent is so great. I want to see an infusion of youth and talent here."

Not sure how happy a player would be to have his GM question his mental faculties but that's an issue for Shaughnessy the GM to sort out.

For more on the Celtics' woes, check out the video above.

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