The Wizards bullied the Celtics and pushed them around the paint in a 101-88 victory. Sullinger says, "people think we're soft."
With the AFC's top seed wrapped up, the biggest question is how much playing time will the Patriots starters get in the regular-season...
Scott Hartnell beat up the Bruins for two goals and earned Joe Haggerty's Gold Star, while Matt Fraser's two turnovers were the Black Eye...
"It means he won't play in a game for three weeks." - Ron Borges

Derek Jeter may have helped Penn State squeak out a victory over Boston College in the Pinstripe Bowl on Saturday.
Heath Bell is looking to hang on with the Nationals in 2015, and he'll earn at least $1 million.
The Brett Anderson signing should become official at some point next week, at long last.