High praise for Chandler Jones


High praise for Chandler Jones

Jermon Bushrod is getting ready to start his sixth season in the NFL.

For the last three, he's served as Drew Brees' blindside, and over that time has started 46 of 48 games, won a Super Bowl, gone to the Pro Bowl and established himself as one of the league's best pass protectors.

Just last year, he played more snaps (1,177) than anyone in the NFL.

Long story short: Bushrod's been around; he's competed against the best. So when it comes to evaluating talent at the defensive end position, there are few better sources.

With that, here's what Bushrod said Tuesday (after the PatsSaints joint practice) about rookie defensive end Chandler Jones:

"He looks like a Pierre-Paul type, the way he comes off the ball. He has long arms, he's a tall guy and he has good speed. If you let him get into your chest, he has power enough to bull you.

He continued: "I really can't comment on him too much because I'm not here grinding with him every day, but just today's battle and seeing him out here, I think he's going to have a promising future."

And lastly: "He's a good-looking player. Big steps, long arms and has the ability to bat balls like he did in our team period. When you're young, you have to continue to fight and work on the things that will bring you success. Obviously, I think he's doing a good job of that. I don't know him too well, but I think everything will be all right for him."

Now I don't want to get too carried away but this is another fantastic sign for Jones, who's already turned a few heads over the first few weeks of training camp. Obviously, he's only 22, and has a long way to go in terms of staying healthy and continuing to get better. But at the same time, it's hard to imagine a more promising start.

Jones has already established himself as a starter; already earned praise from his peers and comparisons to one of the best defensive linemen in the game.


We all are.

For Jones' rookie season and ultimately his career, but first

His NFL debut.

That comes Thursday night at Gillette against Mr. Bushrod and the Saints.

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