Garnett teaches Hollins after practice


Garnett teaches Hollins after practice

WALTHAM Practice was over for the Boston Celtics, but Ryan Hollins' lessons for the day were just getting started.

Kevin Garnett, whose presence in Boston was among the factors that Hollins weighed in his decision to sign with the C's after being waived by the Cavaliers, was getting some KG 101.

Garnett worked on an array of low-post moves with Hollins, leading by example all the while talking the 7-footer through the lesson.

This is the Garnett that we seldom see, but often hear about.

As much as Garnett has meant to the NBA, those that know him best say these are the moments when he's truly in his comfort zone -- teaching to a willing student.

Garnett has always made himself and his knowledge of the game available to any of his younger teammates, as long as they're willing and capable of handling the truth.

He has found a flock of eager learners in JaJuan Johnson, Greg Stiemsma, E'Twaun Moore and now, Ryan Hollins.

"He scored over 20,000 points," said C's guard Rajon Rondo of Garnett. "He's the man to listen to."

But it's clear in talking with Garnett that as much as his teachings benefit the players, he too comes away with something just as valuable -- hope that whenever he decides to walk away from the game, there will be others still around that put in the time to work at their craft the way he has for all these years, and that they too will pass their knowledge of the game down to the next generation of NBA players.

"You see these guys come in and put in their work," Garnett said in a recent interview, referring to the Celtics rookies. "Young guys don't even grind like this. They don't even come in and work like this. It's good to see; it's refreshing to be honest."