Fun with apologies


Fun with apologies

By Adam Hart

LeBron James has apologized for the way in which he departed from Cleveland: presumably, for wearing a picnic tablecloth on national television. He wasn't really clear what exactly he got wrong.

"I apologize for the way it happened," he said Wednesday night after closing out a 4-1 series win over the Celtics.

The shirt thing would make sense; the decision was puzzling, almost as if he thought only the hand-picked crowd inside the Boys & Girls Club would see. No, he had a clear grasp on the situation: basketball fans across the country would be watching with scrutinizing eyeballs.

"I knew that this opportunity was once in a lifetime."

Not all have the fashion sense to accept James' apology. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who may run for the chance to be president, said he would never apologize.

"It wouldn't be honest," he said somewhere in America.

Romney stressed the importance of the ultimate representation of the American dream: "freedom to choose our life's course, our enterprises."

American or not, something less Yogi would've done nicely.