Forte to the Pats?


Forte to the Pats?

Over at, writer Evan Silva notes that April is a notorious month for wheeling and dealing in the NFL there were 18 April trades in 2010 and offers up 10 candidates to be traded before the NFL Draft.

He also wastes no time in grabbing every Patriot fan's attention:
1. Bears running back Matt ForteForte has done his best to make the organization look bad in repeated ESPN appearances, complaining about his contract status. He was particularly displeased with the Bears' signing of Michael Bush, even though shared rushing attempts could actually work to prolong Forte's career. Forte is a good back. New GM Phil Emery knows it, or else he wouldn't have slapped Forte with the franchise tag. But the Bears now have a starting-caliber replacement, and can find another on day two of the draft. On the trade market, Forte could fetch a second-round pick and then some.Prediction: Traded to New England for second- and sixth-round picks.

Man, wouldn't that be something? Patriots Insider Tom E. Curran hinted that it may be a possibility on Pro Football Talk Live on Tuesday.

It kind of makes sense.

At this point, the bond with Forte is beyond repair. In fact, if Chicago doesn't trade him, there's a good chance he holds out. So why even put yourself through that? If you're the Bears, you have Bush to lead the backfield, Brandon Marshall to alleviate pressure off the running game, a healthy Jay Cutler and a pretty good offense. Time to move on from the Forte drama, right?

Right. And seeing how the Pats need another veteran runner, and have the draft picks to make a move, they seem like a solid suitor.

Can you imagine Forte in this offense? Can you imagine this offense with Forte?

BenJarvus Green-Whois?

But here's my question: Even though the Pats have the cap space, do we really think they'd be willing to meet Forte's contract demands? Is he really going to get the money here that he couldn't in Chicago? I doubt it.

Also, there's this: Matt Forte isn't a great goal line back. That's why the Bears brought in Marion Barber last year, and one of the reasons they brought in Bush this year.

And what does this Patriots running game need most at the moment? That's right someone like BenJarvus Green-Whois; a bruising, short-yardage back that can barrel through the trenches. And that's not Forte.

Still, you can't help but get a little excited about the prospect of a talent like his coming to New England. Even if it's just a brief refresher between your mass daily doses of Tebowmania.

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