Second Hernandez letter surfaces

Second Hernandez letter surfaces
August 4, 2013, 12:30 pm
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Yet another Aaron Hernandez letter has surfaced, thanks to TMZ.

The letter reads,

"Thanks for the support and it means a lot! This will all come to an end and there is a reason god put me thru this.  Everything happens for a reason.  Thanks for the (web) site and (sorry) I can't check site there is no internet in jail."

Like the first letter, Hernandez requested the writer keep the letter off of social media.

TMZ also revealed that Hernandez knows that his letters have been released to the public. The former Patriots tight end has been told to be careful going forward.

The recipient of the first letter has said that he is upset with "the way it got out" and that he's been threatened by Hernandez's friends for making the letter public.