Hart: 'Dobson is the real deal'

Hart: 'Dobson is the real deal'
August 7, 2013, 9:30 pm
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The Patriots season opener commences in just more than a month, and wide receiver remains a key area of concern as youth encompasses the position. 

But, the rookies aren't half-bad.  

According to Andy Hart of Patriots Football Weekly, Aaron Dobson, a second-round pick from Marshall, has been especially impressive thus far in training camp.

"Everything we've seen from Dobson you couldn't have asked for much more from a rookie receiver coming into his first game," Hart said.

Yet the 22-year-old's game is hardly without its flaws (he was picked in the second round for a reason). Hart has noticed one main issue from Dobson and it stems back to his college days. 

"He's not always open. That's the one concern I have. He always catches the ball, fights for the ball, has great hands, but he's always covered," Hart said. "And that was his M.O. in college at Marshall, he didn't create a lot of separation and I just wonder how that's going to play out when you get in game situations and against better cornerbacks."

This may be the most unsettled pass catching situation for the Patriots since 2006. If Dobson can bring his promise into his rookie regular season, it will certainly make life a bit less treacherous for Tom Brady and the Patriots offense.