Flynn: Welker treatment by coach normal in NFL

Flynn: Welker treatment by coach normal in NFL
August 7, 2013, 11:30 pm
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The comments Wes Welker made in Sports Illustrated this week have opened up a long simmering debate: is the Patriot method of having players offer boring, punchless answers to the media really helping the squad?

Mike Flynn, a former center for the Baltimore Ravens and a member of the Super Bowl XXXV champion squad, is skeptical of the notion that evading the press boosts a team's chances to win. 

"I played on a team in Baltimore that was free and very open and I had fun," Flynn said. "Granted, the Patriots won three Super Bowls, but it wasn't because they didn't talk to the media, it's because they were a damn good football team."

In this day and age, players and coaches cannot spout off controversial answers without engendering a fair share of criticism.

Flynn concedes that being coy with the media can be a good idea at times. Overall, though, he finds Belichick's strategy perplexing and one that is not for him.

"I think at some points, it does help you, there are points in a season where you get asked questions that it's better off if you do the no comment," Flynn said. "But to be so tight-lipped to not have any personality, to me personally, I don't get it."