Felger: Pats too paranoid about media attention

Felger: Pats too paranoid about media attention
August 7, 2013, 8:15 pm
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Wes Welker produced a press conference for the ages in 2011 when he peppered his responses with references to feet, a not-so-subtle series of jabs at Jets coach Rex Ryan.

Add some more bizarre Welker quotes to the mix. 

On Wednesday, a Sports Illustrated story came out on Welker, in which the ex-Patriot revealed that Belichick got on him hard near the end of his tenure in New England and that despite now being with the Broncos, he is still most worried about what Belichick thinks when he offers his answers at pressers.

These were certainly words of great import for one of the game's premier slot receivers, but Gary Tanguay, for one, believes Welker misstepped.

"If I'm the Denver Broncos, I do talk to him about this," Tanguay said. "If I'm Fox, if I'm Elway, if I'm Manning, I'm like 'look Wes, you're not with the Patriots anymore, get over it.'"

Indeed, Welker is now in the Mile High City, ready to catch passes from Peyton Manning rather than longtime buddy Tom Brady.

Michael Felger did understand what Welker meant in his comments regarding Belichick and the media though, and applauded the former New England pass catcher for his honesty. 

"What he's just trying to say is that 'I came from an environment where they were obsessed with what you said to the media to the point where when I'm saying something to the media, it's still in the back of my mind about come see me BB and shut the bleep up,'" Felger said. "That part I think was just being honest and I think he's right about that. I think the Patriots take their media policy too far."