DeOssie: It's now or never for Edelman

DeOssie: It's now or never for Edelman
August 2, 2013, 12:15 am
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Julian Edelman finds himself in a precarious position this offseason. 

The fifth-year wide receiver had last season end prematurely when he broke his foot in December, and his spot on the roster in the upcoming years is far from secure. 

Edelman is only under contract with the Patriots for this season -- the big kicker being that none of the money is in the guaranteed form -- and if 2013 does not bring significant production, New England will be unlikely to retain his services. 

Steve DeOssie joined the "Uno Sports Tonight" crew to talk about Edelman's situation with the Patriots and did not mince words on what the pass catcher needs to do to stay afloat.

"It's 100 percent now or never for the kid. He's had as many chances as I've seen anybody on the Patriots have to step up and take over scenarios," DeOssie said. "Even last year at the beginning of the season, even with Wes Welker on the roster he still has an opportunity to come in, step in and assert himself."

The Patriots wide receiver corps is as jumbled as ever in 2013, so maybe this is indeed the year Edelman breaks from the pack. As DeOssie points out though, he hasn't proven his worth yet and that could be a troubling sign. 

"Whether it's injuries or it's an attention to detail, whatever it is, he's made some very big plays in Patriots uniforms," DeOssie said. "But the fact is, he's never been able to step up and assert himself as you thought he might have at some times."