Belichick on Edelman, Talib, QB cams

Belichick on Edelman, Talib, QB cams
August 2, 2013, 3:15 pm
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FOXBORO -- Bill Belichick had his usual press conference before practice on Friday. "Just another day of camp," the coach said of New England's seventh session. He did elaborate on a few things before heading off to to the field.

On the quarterback helmet cameras, which, after a brief trial, appear to have been ditched:

BB: "There's a lot of different thing that we use to try and help teach our players. Different ways to use instruction and so forth, and gain information in practice -- different camera angles and things like that.

"It's good. There's some aspect of it that's good. It certainly doesn't give you the whole picture. I mean, I've coached 38 years without them; I don't think it's like, an absolute necessity. But you're always looking for something that will help you be a little bit better. Maybe it's something that will help a guy or it will help you gain something on it. I think there's a place, certain areas that they're beneficial. Other areas, I'm not sure."

On how receiver Julian Edelman's previous four years in the Patriots system might help him return from injury:

BB: "I'm sure it helps some. It's better that he's been here and done some things and knows how to do them than not. But he's still got a long way to go. He missed all of spring, he's missed all of training camp. Long way to go."

On the attitude of players who step in for injured starters, like Rob Gronkowski:

BB: "I don't think really any two players are the same. Everybody has their own individual playing style and their unique level of performance and so forth. I think everybody just tries to do the best they can at what they're being asked to do, necessarily should or does try to do it the way somebody else does it -- I mean, technique-wise you might try to take some of the coaching points or improve your skill to somebody who else does that skill maybe better.

On the emerging leadership role taken on by cornerback Aqib Talib:

BB: "He doesn't have a lot of experience on our team but he has a lot of experience in the league on that position. He brings an element of leadership and experience to that position. Guys look up to him.