Bedard: Offense and defense are work in progress

Bedard: Offense and defense are work in progress
August 1, 2013, 10:15 pm
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The Patriots have completed six days of training camp and it is time for some early observations. 

In an offseason that has so far been marked my scandal and turmoil, Sports Illustrated's Greg Bedard is pleased in what he sees offensively from the on field product.

"I like what I see out here. For the most part the wide receivers, the young guys are coming along," Bedard said. "It was really nice to see Edelman out here. I think at least the Patriots know if he can stay healthy, as well as Amendola, that they can have Amendola and Edelman out there Week 1 playing wide receiver and then they can figure out the rest." 

The other side of the ball, per usual for the Patriots, is not quite as certain. There are some talented pieces assembled on this unit, but as Bedard notes, the defensive backfield remains an issue.

"I have some questions about the secondary, which seems like a yearly thing. But as far as the front seven, it seems like they have really nice depth all over the place, on the edge, interior," Bedard said. "The interior line's a little thin obviously behind Tommy Kelley and Vince Wilfork, but you know things are coming along, they're making progress."

The Patriots preseason takes off on Friday, August 9 when the team soars to Philly to face the Chip Kelly-led Eagles. We'll get our first glimpses then of how this team looks in game form.