Don't call it a comeback... unless it is


Don't call it a comeback... unless it is

By Justin Aucoin

Stop the presses! Manny Ramirez wants to make a return to the MLB.

For those who dont remember, Manny got booked for using performance enhancing drugs side effects which include ego boosting and got suspended 100 games for it. Instead of being a man, Many decided to retire from the Devil Rays (the real reason why Tampa was able to surpass Boston for the Wild Card).

And now he wants back. Shouldnt be too shocking, really; just two weeks ago we caught Manny meeting with his new life counselor.

Of course he also got calls from other trying to return from retirement athletes, pleading him to stay retired.

Tikis advice totally landed on deaf ears.

But itll be good to have Manny back in the MLB. Where else will we get moments like these?
Manny throws mics out car window

You cant do that. Now youre going to get in trouble that to us, now, Manny. Yea, charge him with illegal microphone throwing. Whatevs.

Manny trolling rivals

Manny calling a sex-line during a game

OK we mightve made up the sex-line bit maybe.

Manny makes a defensive play

Oh yea, and he also high-fived a dude while doing it. Sorry, we were just shocked theres video evidence of Manny putting effort into something thats not shooting himself up with PEDs.

If Mannys going to really come back to the MLB he might want to listen to the Lighter Side of Sports three tips.