Do Patriots rank among NFL's best?


Do Patriots rank among NFL's best?

There are two undefeated teams in the NFL - Atlanta Falcons and Houston Texans, but Gary Tanguay doesn't believe they're the two best teams in the league.

Those top teams, according to Tanguay, are the Patriots and 49ers.

"The 49ers scare the living bejeesus out of me," said Tanguay.

Andy Hart points to the Ravens, Texans and 49ers as teams that play a very complete brand of football, and have the potential to shut down any opponent. He notes that the Patriots are transitioning towards being one of those teams, but they need to be more consistent on defense. Hart says the Patriots definitely will be one of the top two teams in the league if they can continue to force turnovers and win the turnover battle.

For Paul Perillo it all comes down to experience. Yes, the Texans are undefeated, but the Patriots have been playing a level of excellence for more than a decade. They've been there and done that. If the Texans get in a playoff situation, there's a lot unknown about how they'll handle that type of pressure.

On this edition of Sports Tonight, it certainly seems as if the experience and well-rounded offense have the Patriots in the upper echelon of 2012 NFL teams.