Delonte takes Home Depot by storm


Delonte takes Home Depot by storm

By Jon Fucile

The NBA lockout is in full effect and the players are being hit hard. Everyones favorite Celtics troublemaker and comedian Delonte West posted the following on his Twitter account just the other day:

West has made roughly 10 million since 2007. You would figure he wouldve been able to save just a little bit of that. West also claims a judge would not permit him to travel overseas to play like a number of other NBA players are trying to do, so apparently he is stuck applying for a job at Home Depot, most likely because they are not biased against silly neck tattoos.

We managed to get a copy of Delontes application.

Delonte was so serious about this Home Depot job he even took to the streets, trying to find current employees to ask them to put in a good word for him and give some tips and advice on orange fashion.

Home Depot was so impressed by his application and petitioning that they finally agreed to sign him and held a press conference announcing their most high-profile signing in the companys history, which really isnt saying much.

Home Depot has never been the same since!

Hes great at customer service, always willing to help any customer and make hilarious small talk while doing so.

If you're female hell even follow you out to your car after you're done shopping, bug you for your phone number and ask if you want an Afro ride until you finally give in and just give him your number. Than wily little Delonte!

Delonte once got in a looooooooooot of trouble after he was pulled over on a three-wheeled motorcycle and a police officer discovered he was carrying a large number of guns. Who knows if he was off to war or on his way to an NRA meeting? Either way it certainly didnt look good. Now that he works at Home Depot, however, he can just use the fork lifts to carry his stuff and it will just look like hes working!

With all those supplies around Delonte has even found creative ways to support his other hobbies and make all the customers he serves feel a bit more..relaxed.

Delonte is always working hard! When the job got a little too boring one day, he decided to build a stage for some entertainment. The employees LOVED his idea and it was suddenly party time at Home Depot!

On the plus side there were also plenty of places to hide and take a nap after the raging party and all the clean up. At least Delonte knows how to have a good time!

If you have kids dont be afraid to bring them on down to Home Depot. Delonte loves to give demonstrations with all the tools but make sure your kids dont hand over their toys. Delonte gets carried away sometimes.

Yeah. This lockout aint a game.