The courting of Chris Paul


The courting of Chris Paul

By Jon Fucile

In the past couple of years the NBA has been through a terrible refereeing scandal and an ugly strike that was finally resolved last week. But training camp is almost over and the NBA should be working on repairing their image.

Instead that egomaniac David Stern decided to put the finishing touches on the crap sandwich the NBA has become.

The NBA owns the Hornets because no one in New Orleans cares about a team that doesnt have Drew Brees on it and they were forced to buy it. Chris Paul, the Hornets only meal ticket, wants out and the trade offers started rolling in. But Stern was holding Paul hostage.

The Lakers offered a trade with the Hornets and even got the Rockets involved. All parties involved seemed happy but Stern went power tripping and vetoed the trade. Apparently the trade just wasnt good enough. Stern also apparently has a hard on for Chris Paul.

The trade was reworked as the Lakers desperately tried to pry Paul from the clutches of Stern but again he rejected the trade despite the fact that the Hornets GM had accepted it and thus began the courting of Chris Paul.

Stern went completely bonkers and apparently was hell bent on making the league look awful while demanding one hundred billion dollars for the services of Chris Paul.

Stern started playing the Clippers against the Lakers while making himself look crazier by the minute. He even suckered Chris Paul into a very awkward dinner. Sexual harassment charges are pending.

Stern even sunk low enough to action Chris Paul off live from a mall.

Stern has quite obviously lost his mind. Why the hell would you invite this type of controversy on the league, especially right after a lock out? Did he really think the Lakers offer wasnt good enough or did he just want to keep Paul away from Kobe Bryant so they couldnt form one hell of a tag team?

Stern ended up creating some kind of weird Bachelor type situation that was even less entertaining than that crappy show and somehow even more rigged. We were about two days away from ESPN hosting some kind of rose ceremony on live TV.

We have to admit though, it would have been hilarious to see Paul fake out the Lakers Stern style and give the last rose to Blake Griffin as he picked the Clippers.

Quite the coincidence that Stern sent Paul to a struggling Clippers franchise that needs a boost, eh? No? Oh right, no that really doesnt seem like a coincidence. Pauls speech after the trade to the Clippers was even sketchier when he talked about the rich history the Clippers have. Apparently his definition of rich history is never making the playoffs and being horribly mismanaged.

At least Paul has an awesome sense of humor.

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WATCH: Celtics vs. Hawks

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