Conference Call: Aqib Talib, PatsJets, and NHL lockout


Conference Call: Aqib Talib, PatsJets, and NHL lockout

CSNNE's Lou Merloni went around the sporting world on Sports Sunday in "Conference Call".

He spoke to a number of writers and analysts, including:

Shaun King from Fox Sports, on the Patriots acquisition of Aqib Talib. King called Talib a "second-tier corner" Not a Darrelle Revis, but right there after him. "Heck of an addition for New England Patriots," King said.

Mark Gaughan from the Buffalo News, on the Bills who currently sit at 3-5. What's the biggest reason? "The biggest reason is their defense which they overhauled has been a colossal disappointment ranked 32 in the league in points allowed," Gaughan said. He also listed quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and lack of playmakers at WR position as other reasons.

And finally, our very own Joe Haggerty, who had plenty to say about the current NHL lockout. The Winter Classic has just been canceled, but Haggerty says it could actually speed up negotiation price.

"The biggest reason that the league cancelled this as early as they did at least in my opinion and the people that I talked to is to take it away as a potential leverage point in negotiations from the players"

We'll see how that goes...