Compensation for Epstein still not resolved


Compensation for Epstein still not resolved

It's the topic that won't go away: compensation for the Red Sox for allowing former general manager Theo Epstein to leave the team with a year remaining on his contract to become president of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs.

The teams were unable to reach agreement on the matter last fall and now commissioner Bud Selig has indicated he will step in and help decide the matter.

"I don't know what the resolution's going to be," said Cherington, "and I don't know what the mechanism will be for resolving it. The commissioner has been involved tangentially the whole time. As we've gotten closer to spring training, I think there will be some direction given from the commissioner's office as to the resolution. I don't know what form that will take."

The Sox believe that they are due "significant" compensation in return for Epstein, while Epstein, citing precedent, contends that it shouldn't be significant at all given that it involves non-uniform personnel.

Said Epstein: "It seems like it should be coming to end somewhat soon."

But when asked if he expected a resolution before the start of spring training, Epstein said: "I don't know."

It was still a banner year for Celtics, according to Bleacher Report tweet

It was still a banner year for Celtics, according to Bleacher Report tweet

Minutes after the Celtics were eliminated by the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals, the folks at Bleacher Report tweeted a video that celebrated the C’s one victory in the series. 


There are 17 Celtics championship banners that actually exist and hang at TD Garden. You won’t be seeing one for being a “finalist” or celebrating an actual sweep, such as Spurs over Cavs in the NBA Finals.