Charlie Villanueva, you big baby


Charlie Villanueva, you big baby

By Mary Paoletti

I can't believe that "Villanueva versus KG" is still making headlines.
Reportedly, Danny Ainge is the latest to jump in front of the morality missile aimed at Boston headcase Kevin Garnett.

"There's one thing that I know for sure, and it's that KG would not offend cancer patients," Ainge said. "That makes no sense. It makes no sense on a lot of fronts. Not only is he experiencing it in his own family, but that's just not something I've ever heard -- in 30 years -- ever say, in trash talking."

Thanks for weighing in, Danny.

It's nice to have some more people over here with me on KG's side. My problem with Charlie's bawling is completely different, though. I bet Garnett really did say he looked like a cancer patient.

And I don't care that if he did.

Some prefaces before I continue:

My family is one of the millions affected tragically by the disease. I celebrated my 21st birthday by going home to Maine for my young aunt's funeral. She was a wonderful woman and I hold a grudge. A huge one. I hate cancer with a blind rage and nothing about it is funny.

I'm a die-hard, irrationally biased UConn basketball fan. UC is my alma mater and Charlie Villanueva played on a dominant Huskies team that wrecked opponents right before my adoring eyeballs.

I think Kevin Garnett is slightly deranged. Dude's a sharp dresser and all but he's loony.

So why take KG's side? Because it's trash talk and trash talk is part of the game. Garnett wasn't trying to offend cancer patients, he was trying to offend Charlie Villanueva and CV is a baby for crying foul.

"But it's cancer!" the conservative cry. "You just can't go there!"

Hey: good luck on the Some Topics Are Off Limits crusade. Do you really believe that there are acceptable degrees of meanness? Are these outlined in the NBA rulebook somewhere? I saw on TV that Gout is making a comeback. Is that one off limits too?

"Damn, Will Bynum! You so slow, you play like you got Gout."


It would be impossible to draw a line. Do you really think KG's comment was the worst ever uttered? Zinedine Zidane will tell you it wasn't. I once heard "I HOPE EVERYTHING THAT YOU LOVE DIES" hollered between rivals during a SyracuseUConn game.

And that was just two fans jawing.

Nobody should care or comment on trash talk except the guys running the hardwood and that's where it should be settled. Villanueva lost the battle by letting KG in his head. The NBA will lose if some trash talk turns into an even bigger affair.

As they say...

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