West has wrist brace removed


West has wrist brace removed

By JessicaCamerato

BOSTON -- Delonte West is one step closer to getting back on the court.

On Monday, he was cleared to work out without a brace on his broken right wrist. While he admits he's still a little timid to catch the ball, he has been able to shoot and dribble without the extra protection.

Im cleared to do as much as my wrist permits, he said prior to the Celtics-Pistons game on Wednesday.

West goes brace-free for most of the day and sleeps with it on to prevent his wrist from moving in an awkward position.

He will undergo a CT scan next Tuesday for further evaluation.

As for his return to the game, he would like to get in a few practices first, which he expects he will be able to do in the next two or three weeks.

Once he is medically cleared to go, he is leaving it up to the Celtics coaching staff. He hasnt played since late November and doesnt want to force his way back into the rotation.

Im scheduled for a CT Scan, but that what the doctor says still isnt on Doc Rivers schedule, he laughed. We have a good team here, guys are playing well, and just because Im cleared to play doesnt mean I will play.

For now, West will take his comeback one day at a time. Fortunately for him, each day has been looking up.

Said West, Im happy about the progress and each day is better than the last one.

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First Celtics practice 'a little different' but 'feels right' for Horford

First Celtics practice 'a little different' but 'feels right' for Horford

WALTHAM, Mass. – NBA players are creatures of habit so you can understand why Al Horford was just a little bit out of his element on his first practice with the Boston Celtics.
After nine seasons with the Atlanta Hawks, Horford hit the free agent market this summer and signed a four-year, $113 million with the Celtics.
Horford acknowledged that his first practice with the Celtics “was a little different” but added, “It’s definitely a weird feeling, but it feels right to be here.”

Players, coaches, national pundits, the list is seemingly endless when it comes to folks who believe Horford is an ideal fit with the Boston Celtics.
“He can do score in the paint, shoot 3s, defend, pass, he can do it all out there,” Amir Johnson told CSNNE.com. “He’s going to fit in well with us.”
But like any rookie or newcomer to a team, Horford admitted he had some moments when he was a step or two late getting to where he needed to be on the floor.
“We’re running through a lot of plays, a lot of concepts being thrown out,” Horford said. “It’s a matter of getting comfortable with all the sets.”
As much as he will work to figure things out, Horford is wise enough to know he’ll need the help of his new teammates, too.
“I’m going to lean on a lot of the guys,” Horford said. “I’ll definitely ask a lot of questions. Avery (Bradley) already has gotten in my ear, anything I need he’s there for me. I just want to get acclimated as fast as I can.”
Horford also said that head coach Brad Stevens has been extremely helpful in assisting him in speeding up his learning curve.
“Coach (Stevens) is very sharp, very . . .  he explains things well,” Horford said. “He explains things well. He wants practice to move along. The pace of practice, definitely a faster pace.”
But you won’t find Horford complaining.
Horford is clearly excited about starting this new chapter in his basketball career.
“For me it’s more of a relief, finally being here in Boston, house, being settled,” Horford said. “Now we can just focus on the season.”