Scouts identify what C's have to do vs. Heat


Scouts identify what C's have to do vs. Heat

By A.Sherrod Blakely

MIAMI We've heard from Doc Rivers about what the Boston Celtics will need to do in order to win. His players have chimed in with their thoughts as well.

We at wanted to add a third voice to the discussion - NBA scouts.

In conversations with three different NBA scouts, all from the Eastern Conference, we offer up their take on what the C's have to do in order to defeat the Miami Heat in their second-round playoff series.

Let's get physical

Even though LeBron James has arguably the most physically imposing body among the players in this series not named Shaquille O'Neal, roughing him up a bit early on might be the way to go.

"He hates that," one scout said. "You know he's going to get his. He always gets his. But putting him on his ass, early, sends a message that you're not going to just let him have his way. It also gets him to thinking more about the contact on drives than finishing. A distracted LeBron isn't a very good LeBron."

Make LeBron James and Dwyane Wade defend, honestly

There's a reason why both James and Wade are often seen in highlights making spectacular blocks and steals. Because Miami plays an attacking style of defense, frequently James and Wade tend to help off their defensive assignments in anticipation of another player taking a shot.

"You have to put them in as many pick-and-rolls, screen action plays as possible," another scout said. "Otherwise, they'll just keep on cheating over defensively."

Said another scout, "You look at most of the high-energy plays they make defensively. It's not what they do to the man they're guarding; it's what they do to the guy that didn't see them lurking."

Boston's ball movement will be instrumental in forcing both to play their men more tightly.

Rebound, rebound rebound

Boston's ability to hold its own on the boards will go far in determining how well their transition defense will perform against a Heat team that has two of the game's most explosive finishers in Wade and James.

"Jermaine (O'Neal) has been a really solid defender for the Celtics since he came back, but he has to pick it up on the boards," another scout said. "It's never been one of JO's strengths, but he's had some games where I don't think he even grabbed a single rebound. The Celtics won't win this series unless he picks it up on the boards."

Backup power

While much has been made of Miami's Big Three, one scout said their bench is grossly under-rated.

"They get more from their backups than you might think," he said. "The reason you don't hear about them, is because of the Big Three. But they have at least two or three guys coming off the bench that the Celtics have to be worried about."

Mario Chalmers has shown he can shoot the Heat into and out of a game, at times. His ability to stretch the floor will make him a player the Celtics need to keep tabs on. Although he is a better defender than Mike Bibby, he too has the potential to be exploited by the C's offense.

"When they run cross matches, you can have his man look to post him up," one scout said. "I wouldn't be surprised to see him switching on Ray sometimes, and Ray immediately goes down in the paint looking to post him up."

The player all three scouts mentioned as a player the Celtics had to worry about, was James Jones.

The reigning 3-point shooting champion is arguably the Heat's best long-range scoring option.

Miami is shooting just 28.9 percent on 3s in the playoffs, but Jones has connected on 42.1 percent of his postseason 3-point attempts.

"I'm a shooter," Jones told "Coach (Erik Spoelstra) told me that my job is to make shots. That's the best way I can help this team."

One scout viewed Delonte West as the biggest X-factor for Boston off the bench.

"He's the only guy they have off that bench that can defend multiple positions, at a high level," one scout said. "His ability to help out defensively on Dwyane Wade and LeBron James, is going to be a big deal if the Celtics win this series."

Another scout was big on Jeff Green and the potential he has to impact this series.

"Anything you get from him, has to be seen as a positive," the scout said. "He'll defend LeBron some, but he'll also defend Chris Bosh some as well. They need him to step his game up, especially on defense."

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Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas earns All-NBA team votes


Celtics’ Isaiah Thomas earns All-NBA team votes

BOSTON – Isaiah Thomas was among the breakout performers in the NBA this past season, earning the Celtics guard his first All-Star appearance in the process. 

And when the league announced its three All-NBA teams on Thursday, Thomas was among the contingent of players receiving votes.
Thomas, who averaged a career-high 22.2 points per game this past season, received a total of 20 points which was more than perennial standouts Pau Gasol (16 points) of Chicago, Dirk Nowitzki (8 points) of Dallas and New York’s Carmelo Anthony (2 points).
Golden State’s Stephen Curry was a unanimous first-team selection as he was named to the first team on all 129 ballots submitted for a total of 645 points. Points for first, second and third team nominations were awarded on a 5-3-1 basis.
Joining Curry on the first team was LeBron James who was named to the first Team for the 10th time in his 13 NBA seasons; San Antonio’s Kawhi Leonard, DeAndre Jordan of the Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook.
The second team includes Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant, Golden State’s Draymond Green, Sacramento’s DeMarcus Cousins, Chris Paul of the Los Angeles Clippers and Portland’s Damian Lillard.

On the third team, there’s Paul George of Indiana, LaMarcus Aldridge of San Antonio, Andre Drummond of Detroit, Klay Thompson of Golden State and Toronto’s Kyle Lowry.