Rivers sits, Frank coaches vs. Nets

Rivers sits, Frank coaches vs. Nets
October 20, 2010, 11:20 pm
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By Jessica Camerato

BOSTON -- Doc Rivers did not coach Wednesdays game against the New Jersey Nets after undergoing a throat biopsy earlier in the week. Even though the results came back negative, he wants to be cautious as he recovers.

Assistant coach Lawrence Frank took the helm in his place.

"I'm going to watch baseball," Rivers joked before the game.

Rivers ran shootaround on Wednesday afternoon and can return to coaching on Friday. In the meantime, he watched the Celtics-Nets game from out back.

"Listen, if I'm not going to coach I don't want to be out there," he said. "I'd rather for Lawrence to do it. I dont want to be a distraction."

Rivers was optimistic as he awaited the results of the biopsy. His doctors told him there was a low chance they would find anything wrong. There was natural concern, however. His father-in-law passed away of throat cancer.

"Anything in that area, that alarmed everybody," he said. "So the family is always concerned with stuff like that. I was just talking to Avery Johnson about it. Weve just got to make sure that we take care of ourselves."

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