Rivers fined 15K for slow exit following ejection

Rivers fined 15K for slow exit following ejection

By A. Sherrod Blakely

LOS ANGELES Following the Boston Celtics' loss at Phoenix, there was concern that Kevin Garnett might be hit with additional punishment after being ejected.

Instead, it was coach Doc Rivers who was hit with a 15,000 fine by the league for not leaving the court in a timely manner following his ejection in the second quarter of Friday's 88-71 loss to the Suns.

"I didn't leave on time," Rivers admitted prior to Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Lakers. "I kind of expected that additional fine."

But it's the kind of fine that's totally subjective, both in its nature and the way it's enforced.

When asked how long did coaches have to stay on the floor following an ejection, Rivers said, "We don't know actually."

He added, "That's probably something we all probably do need to address, or maybe we should run off the floor. I don't know what you do, but . . . it's a tough one."

Rivers also suggested that the league institute a 30-second clock following a coach getting tossed.

"When a coach gets thrown out of a game, they should start the clock, give you 30 seconds to vent," Rivers said. "That would be a lot of fun. The crowd would really get into that."

As for his fine, Rivers said it doesn't bother him at all.

"I have no problems with it," he said. "The low number fine amount tells you they didn't think it was anything awful. So I'm good with it."

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NBA reaches seven-year labor agreement with players' union

NBA reaches seven-year labor agreement with players' union

When was the last time you saw any labor contract — not just the NBA, not just pro sports, but in any business — get done before either side could opt-out, let alone the actual deadline?

That’s what happened with the NBA’s new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). The teams had until Dec. 15 of last year to opt out, with the real deadline for a new deal being July 1 of this year. Yet the two sides reached a deal before either side even opted out.

Thursday the NBA and National Basketball Players’ Association announced that the new CBA had been signed. It’s a seven-year deal that kicks in July 1.

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