Ochocinco inspired Ron Artest's new name

Ochocinco inspired Ron Artest's new name
September 1, 2011, 4:25 pm
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Ron Artest told Stephen A. Smith of ESPN Radio that Chad Ochocinco's name change inspired his own pending referential metamorphosis into Metta World Peace.

Ochocinco, at the time Chad Johnson of the Bengals, changed his name to a reflection of his jersey number in 2008. Artest announced his intention to change his name this June.

As the future Mr. World Peace told ESPN:

When Ocho did it, I was like, "That's kind of dope. I want to change my name."

The name change was to become official last Friday, but was held up because of outstanding warrants for parking violations.

"It comes down to the parking tickets. I don't know how to pay a parking ticket. I've never paid a parking ticket," Artest said. "There's so much fine print and I just have these parking tickets and I just throw them in my glove compartment."

The Laker's next scheduled court date is September 16. If Artest pays his dues and is approved by the judge, World Peace may then come to fruition in Los Angeles.