Notes: Shaq plays after slip and fall at home

Notes: Shaq plays after slip and fall at home
January 18, 2011, 6:39 am
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By Jessica Camerato

BOSTON -- In a battle of Shaq versus the elements, Shaquille ONeal lost.

ONeal slipped on ice leaving his home on Sunday, causing him to miss practice because of a strained adductor muscle.

I just slipped, he said. I did a split . . . I was going this way and then I was going that way and my legs just makes noise and I couldnt stop. I did a split.

Although he was questionable for Mondays game against the Orlando Magic, ONeal scored 12 points in nearly 26 minutes during the win.

In spite of the spill, ONeal wont let a wintry mess hold him back. He added that he still wants to have a snowball fight once there is another snowfall.

The Celtics are constantly looking to improve, but Doc Rivers recent critique even made Kevin Garnett chuckle.

Its funny, Kevin was laughing because after the game the first thing I said is, We can execute better offensively, Doc Rivers said. And they all started laughing because they knew the percentage already. I didnt know the percentage at that point, because I dont look at those stats. But it was great.

What Rivers didnt realize was that the Celtics had shot 60 percent from the field, increasing their league-best average to 50.5 percent per game.

While Rivers got a laugh over it, Magic coach Stan Van Gundy didnt find any humor in the situation.

We didnt get any stops, Van Gundy said. They shot 60 percent in the first half and 60 percent in the second half. There was never a point in the game where we stopped them.

Ray Allen understood the impact of the New England Patriots' loss to the New York Jets on Sunday. Pats fans had hoped for a Super Bowl victory the same way Celtics fans are rooting for an NBA championship.

There are sad feelings for the city because you know how many people support what they are trying to accomplish because were trying to do the same thing, he said.

Even though the Patriots Super Bowl quest abruptly, Allen believes there is still a lot for fans to appreciate.

Its like a big bubble that burst because the excitement was there, he said. They still had a great season and they still gave the fans a lot to appreciate, a lot to look forward to, and a lot of inspiration. Youve got to just tip your hat to them and say job well done.

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