How badly does Ray want to play?

How badly does Ray want to play?
June 11, 2012, 10:11 pm
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Until the dust settles on this NBA off-season, we'll continue to wonder about the immediate future of two-thirds of Boston's Hall of Fame Big Three.

In the case of Kevin Garnett, it's seemingly a matter of whether he wants to play at all. Of course, nothing's set in stone and KG's not returning my calls but we're all pretty comfortable in assuming that it will be Boston or bust. Then again, who knows? He's the one who taught us that anything's possible.

But for the other third of the Big Three, the desire to play is not an issue. With Ray Allen it's just about where he wants to play, how much he wants to play, whether's he ready to rough out the rest of his career coming off the bench in Boston (OK, it's not happening) or seek grner pastures andor more minutes elsewhere. But just in case you were unsure of how badly Allen wants to return for a 17th NBA season, here's some news to help the hammer home the point.

According to the Boston Herald, Allen is wasting no time in having surgery on his gimpy right ankle. He'll have his bone spurs removed first thing Wednesday morning.

No word yet on the recovery time, but the early surgery should leave Allen with plenty of time to get a jump on the Miami real estate market ensure he's in prime shape for the start of next season, regardless of which uniform he's wearing.

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