Getting to know 'Curly' Krstic


Getting to know 'Curly' Krstic

By JessicaCamerato

BOSTON - They call him Curly.

Thats one of the first things we learned about Nenad Krstic after he was traded to the Boston Celtics from the Oklahoma City Thunder last week.

Curly. Hmm . . .

After playing his first game at the TD Garden on Wednesday, Krstic shed light on the moniker and also shared two other things you should know about the Celtics big man.
I said, Kur-Lay
The nickname Curly has nothing to do with Krstics physical appearance. It doesnt have to do with a character on The Three Stooges, either. It all started with a mispronunciation by his now-assistant coach.

Its thanks to coach Lawrence Frank, he explained to He was my coach for four years in New Jersey. I didnt speak any English, and he texted me like, Do you have any nicknames you like to be called? I said, Krle pronounced kur-lay. Back home, its short for Krstic. Thats how we give nicknames. He couldnt say it, Krle, and he started saying, Curly, Curly, Curly. I dont really like calling me Curly, but I dont really care. I stopped caring when I told him so many times, Its not Curly, its Krle, but he couldnt say it for some reason. KG calls me Kris. He said hes not going to call me Curly because its something soft. (Pause, laughs) I like Curly too. I dont care.
Thumbs Up for Posting Up
Krstic has earned praise for his ability to spread the floor. At seven-feet tall, he has a mid-range jumper that poses challenges for the opposing team to defend. His favorite thing to do on the court, though, happens closer to the basket.

My favorite is posting up, having a good post up, he said. Thats something thats tough to do, and not a lot of players can post up and having a posting game. Im really working on that. When I have a good post up and score, I feel good about myself.

Theres Still No Place Like Home
It has been nine years since Krstic was drafted by the Nets in 2002. But even after all this time in the NBA, Krstic still misses his native Serbia.

Its my seventh season here but Im still homesick, said Krstic, who also played overseas. I like my country. I miss everything - I miss my friends, I miss my family, Serbian food. Its a lot of meat. My favorite is lamb, but prepared in a Serbian way. You put the whole lamb actually on a grill. Its five hours just turning around. You put beer on it and its great. I think its called roasted lamb, I dont know the name in English. In the summer time, thats my favorite.

Krstic scored 13 points in 21 minutes against the Phoenix Suns on Wednesday. He is averaging 11 points and 5 rebounds in his first three games with the Celtics.

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Brown fires up Celtics teammates with tomahawk dunk over Vucevic

Brown fires up Celtics teammates with tomahawk dunk over Vucevic

Well it appears that Orlando’s Nikola Vucevic wasn’t the only one who didn’t see Jaylen Brown’s powerful dunk over him coming. 
Apparently, Brown didn’t see it coming either. 
“It caught me off-guard,” Brown said after Boston’s 117-87 thumping of the Magic. “I wasn’t even expecting it. It happens. It’s part of basketball. It’s two points.”
The play in question came early in the second quarter when Brown blew past Jodie Meeks into the lane and took off towards the rim. 
Vucevic jumped late, got dunked on and the Celtics bench went bananas!
“It gave our team a lot of energy,” Brown acknowledged.
Brown understands part of his job in coming off the bench is to make an impact with effort. 
And in doing so, he senses that his teammate’s confidence him in and his game can only grow.
“I feel like my teammates are trusting me more, getting more trust from the coaching staff,” said Brown who finished with 13 points. 
Avery Bradley likes what he’s seen from Brown, a young player who has shown tremendous promise. 
And that dunk over Vucevic?
“You’re going to see a lot more of those in his career,” Bradley said. “He gets us going.”