A decisive Game 3


A decisive Game 3

One last post before we head into a weekend's worth of playoff basketball and "sold out" baseball:

With Josh Smith now officially ruled out for tonight's game, the road appears to be paved for a big Celtics victory. Of course, we're assuming nothing. And we can only pray that the Celtics aren't either.

But with the Hawks now without two of their best three players and their only other legitimate center Well, I don't want to say it. But you know.

Quick note, though: Tonight marks the seventh time in this most recent Big 3 era that the Celtics have been tied 1-1 in a playoff series. In their previous six Game 3s? They're 2-4. In the only two Game 3s that were played at the TD Garden? They're 0-2.

Maybe Doc Rivers can show the team that stat before tip?

Or maybe not.

Either way, have a great weekend. Although, I guess that's in the Celtics' hands now.

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