In case Maroney needs new career options


In case Maroney needs new career options

By Jon Fucile
Special contributor to

Everyones favorite ex-Patriots running back Laurence Maroney is in the headlines again.

It's Maroney is a Terrible Running Back, Maroney Traded to Denver as New England Parties in the Streets or Despite Open Lanes, Maroney Runs Right into Defenders. Again news.

No, this time The Little Running Back That Couldn't was picked up on drug and weapons charges. He swears he totally has a permit for the gun, he just didnt have his permit on him. It's kind of like how he didnt have his game on him when he played for the Patriots.

This does not necessarily spell the end of Maroneys NFL career, but it is not like he is overflowing with enough talent for teams to overlook something like this. Oh, and then theres that pesky personal conduct policy Roger Goodell is so fond of.

So how can a running back with super long dreads that refuses to actually play like a running back make some money outside of football? You know, other than the obvious Wendys sponsorship deal.

We have a few suggestions.

Disney just came out with that Rapunzel movie. We all know Disney loves money and sequels. Maroney could always try out for the part of Rapunzel in the sequel with his rocking hair.

Maroney could rent out his hair down by the lake this summer and let kids hang tire swings from his hair and jump into the water. It would be a blast!

He could revive the old TV series Pippi Longstocking or even revive the popular Broadway production as the star. People love Pippi Longstocking. Shes coming to your town!

Rodeos are popular in the south. He could move down to Texas and try to rope some cattle with his sturdy, long, luscious locks.

He could become a lawyer and always use the Permit Was at Home defense. Flawless.

Really, the options are endless for Maroney. Hes young, hes talent Hmm. Hes smarUm. Well, hes young!

And hey, Jerry Jones is always interested in projects that dont pan out 99 of the time. So if Maroney is looking for a new place to ply his craft and get back to being a below average running back, he could always visit Dallas after the rodeo!

Price struggles in third inning, but otherwise shines in first start


Price struggles in third inning, but otherwise shines in first start

CHICAGO -- Everything was going smoothly until the No. 9 hitter.

Protecting a 1-0 lead in the third inning Monday in his first start of 2017, David Price walked two straight batters with none on and one out in the third inning. Ninth-place hitter Adam Engel walked, as did leadoff man Tim Anderson -- who had drawn just four walks in 181 plate appearances entering the game.

Price, whose command was in question coming off just two rehab starts for Triple-A Pawtucket, immediately paid for the consecutive free passes.

Melky Cabrera jumped on Price's first pitch, a middle-in fastball, for a three-run homer and a 3-1 lead.

The Sox got Price two runs back in the top of the fourth inning, giving him something of a fresh slate with a tie game at 3-3. He took advantage of the second chance, striking out two of the three batters he faced in the bottom of the inning and keeping the game tied, and was rewarded when Mookie Betts homered to lead off the fifth and put the Red Sox back on top, 4-3.

Back from an elbow injury, Price was impressive out of the gate in his first major league game since last year's playoffs. He struck out Anderson to begin his season and needed just 14 pitches in a 1-2-3 first inning.

The lefty touched 96 mph on the final pitch of the first inning, which produced an easy groundout to shortstop from first baseman Jose Abreu.

Price was staked to a 1-0 lead before he threw a pitch.

Betts' leadoff double against Chicago's David Holmberg gave way to a run thanks to some great Betts base running. He took third base on Dustin Pedroia's ground out and then scored on a foul pop up that Abreu, the first baseman, snagged in foul territory with a basket catch — a rare sacrifice fly to the first baseman.

Home runs were a big problem for Price last year. So too was the third inning, when he had a 6.03 ERA.

Pedroia lifted in second inning after hurting wrist in collision


Pedroia lifted in second inning after hurting wrist in collision

CHICAGO -- Injury scares are finding Dustin Pedroia in all the wrong places.

The Red Sox second baseman was pulled in the second inning Monday afternoon against the White Sox because of a left wrist sprain, an injury he seemed to suffer on a collision running to first base in the top of the first inning.

He and White Sox first baseman Jose Abreu converged on the bag at the same time on a grounder to Abreu, and Pedroia tumbled over Abreu

Pedroia had season-ending surgery on the wrist in September 2014, addressing a tendon issue. Pedroia had surgery on his left knee this year, and missed time after Manny Machado's slide caught him in that leg in April.

Pedroia during the last homestand was pulled as a precaution because of concern for that leg.

Josh Rutledge took over for Pedroia at second base.