Morning Skate 323: Recchi's thoughts on Pacioretty

Morning Skate 323: Recchi's thoughts on Pacioretty
March 23, 2011, 9:18 pm
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By Joe Haggerty

WILMINGTON Meant to do this yesterday, but heres a greatest hits of tweets from my followers when I requested some funnyentertaining reactions in the wake of the Matt Cooke suspension.Heres the twitter accounts and 140 character or less snipes that made the cut after Cookie was crumbled by the NHL with all apologies to Mayor Tom Menino because the results were delicious for everyone.@pfitz: the pens fans are the total opposite of Hab fans. they want Cooke GONE.I was on a pens board and was pleasantly surprised@DickChuck77: MattCooke is a suckah (butt) and it's about time he was suspended.@ChuckOlson5: Cooke has ended enough players seasons and maybe careers. They finally ended his@GNPBruins: mario? Crickets@tomchartrand: Nice comments from Shero on his Zero. Mario asked for it and he got it. Hopefully Cooke gets it too.@ranold26: So MattCooke has at least 14 games to figure out how he can change his game and be just as effective? How about retirement@jeffisrael25: in show of solidarity, Matt Cooke's son Jack will miss last 10 days of 2nd grade and 1st round of summer birthday parties.@jaapbee: glad 2 c nhl hit mattcooke hard. They shoulda kicked him outta the league tho. He hasn't learned lesson yet. Will he ever?@rhollan: Mario Lemieux (in Gilda Radner voice) : Nevermind!On to the links: Mark Recchi gives an interview on 98.5 the Sports Hub where he questions whether Max Pacioretty and the Canadiens embellished some of the injuries a little bitin order to get Zdeno Chara suspended. Ryan Lambert slaps down some smack on Justin Bournes blog with his inflammatory and intelligent hockey musings. Jerry Thornton proves he knows nothing about hockey by saying that the real hockey season starts tomorrow night against the Canadiens. Ummm, this isnt the NBA, Jerry. Maybe you should go back to watching 30 Rock instead. Heres a Globe and Mail story on Mike Van Ryn, who retired from the NHL after several injuries and hard hits and was the guy that Milan Lucic famously threw through the boards at TD Garden while he was a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Cassie Campbell said that Dan Bylsma deserves the Jack Adams Trophy, and Alex Kovalev could give the Penguins a boost. Not the Kovalev I saw with the Ottawa Senators. A great Michael Farber piece at on the Belfast Giants team that played the Bruins during the exhibition season.

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