Jacobs: Bruins assemble 'dream team'


Jacobs: Bruins assemble 'dream team'

By DannyPicard

BOSTON -- Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs met with his team on Sundaymorning, as they prepare for the Stanley Cup Finals against the VancouverCanucks.

Jacobs addressed the media after and gave his take on theteams playoff run.

You can't have any more pride than I enjoyed this morning,said an emotional Jacobs. I feel just very lucky and very fortunate to bewhere I am. As a fan, as a custodian of a great franchise, this is a wonderful,wonderful experience.

I think I'm very lucky to have the leadership, both on the ice and in the backof the house, so to speak. I can't speak enough for the total organization andhow it's moved forward. I'm so proud of what they've achieved.

As a fan, you look at it, and you say, Look what happened Friday night inthis building, and it's what this city deserves, and what this franchise islong overdue.

Jacobs went on to praise everyone in the organization, andspecifically, had high praise for Peter Chiarelli, Cam Neely, and ClaudeJulien, and the way theyve handled the team this year.

I think that Peter Chiarelli has put together a dream team, his dream, as hesaw it, within the parameters that they have to work, said Jacobs. I thinkCam has shown great understanding of hockey. And this is a great city to playhockey in.

You've got a coach that is a player's coach, whose outstanding leadershipreally represents . . . You have to admire the way, when things don't go yourway, he doesn't say, Woe is me, which we saw throughout the playoffs withsome people. He says, Youve got to dig down. Youve got to work harder. AndI think thats just a wonderful attribute. I think it plays well to theplayers. They know that they have to work hard to be successful.

Jacobs believes that this Stanley Cup Finals run certainlyvalidates all the work that the front office has put in over the last fewyears. Even though the chances of getting to the Finals looked bleak afterlosing the first two games of the opening series to Montreal, he said that itsexperiences like that that have helped this team grow.

I was disappointed we were down 2-0, but I had a lot ofconfidence in our team, said Jacobs. But I have to tell you, when youre down2-0, youve got to be concerned about whether or not you can pull that off. Andto go into Montreal and win the next two, that was very refreshing.

This is not an overnight wonder. This is a team that hasevolved, and built in their experiences, both good and bad. And thats veryapparent to me, to watch them grow the way they have. I couldnt be happierthan I am right now.

Now, he said, everyone shares one common goal, and onecommon goal only.

It was a great experience to visit with them, and tounderstand the ambition that I share with them, said Jacobs. The ambition isto go and win the Stanley Cup.

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