Haggerty: Five changes for the Bruins in Game 7


Haggerty: Five changes for the Bruins in Game 7

BEDFORD The Bruins are standing on the crest of another Game 7 situation after battling through three rounds of playoffs, and the stakes are certainly high enough.

While it doesnt appear the future employment of Bs coach Claude Julien hangs in the balance of positive results from the conference finals, the legacies of elite Bruins players like Zdeno Chara and Tim Thomas certainly do.

Will they be very good players that spent their time admirably in Bruins uniforms with All-Star berths and individual hockey hardware, or will these players go down as members of the best Bruins team in more than 20 years?

If somebody was going to tell us that we were going to be -- before the playoffs or before the season -- one win away from the Finals, for sure we would be all excited, said Chara. So we have to take it that way. We have to embrace it, be excited, and have fun at the same time.

Nobody from the 1990 edition of the Boston Bruins thought it would be the last time most of them made it to the Stanley Cup Finals. They had young players who expected to be back every year, like current Bruins president Cam Neely. Their inability to get back to the Finals simply reinforces the importance that the current crop of Bs seize the moment in front of them.