Chara sets new NHL record with slap shot


Chara sets new NHL record with slap shot

By Joe Haggerty
RALEIGH, N.C. Zdeno Chara lost to Nashville Predators defenseman Shea Weber during their head-to-head competition in the opening rounds of thehardest shot competition, but Chara ultimately defended his title indramatic fashionduring the NHL Superskills competition.Not only that, but Chara took the final round of the hardest shot competition over Weber when hepounded outan NHL-record 105.9 mph slap shot withhis new model of Easton stickthat set a new league record in the competition that the Bruins defenseman has now won four consecutivetimes in his NHLcareer. Weber ramped it up past 104 mph -- as he did when he finished in second place to Chara last time as well -- but ultimately couldn't match the Slovakian Tower of Power once he got ramped up.Chara broke his own record of 105.4 mph set two years ago at the Bell Centre in Montreal during the 2009 All-Star game, and didn't dismiss 106 mph as a possibility when he's sure to suit up for another All-Star game in the future."The limit is always being pushed. It's just the nature of the business and records are always meant to be broken," said Chara. "It's really just knowledge of mistakes, and players getting bigger and stronger all the time. It's just a number, but who knows? Maybe it will last for a little while."I like to have fun with these things and enjoy it, but at the same time when it comes down to showing what I have then you have to sell it and compete. After not reaching even 104-mph during the preliminary round against Weber, Chara kicked it up to 105.9-mph and 105-mph in his final two shot attempts to capture the crown and wow the Carolina Hurricanes partisan crowd at the RBC Center. The B's Captain gave credit to the rest of his Bruins teammates in his own personal moment of glory, which is a testament to the team lessons that Chara has learned and preached over the years."I always try my best and play hard, and I always play up against top lines which makes it tough to do," said Chara. "Guys are gettingfaster and stronger, and it's tough to defend them.Obviously without your teammates you are nothing, and I owe everything to them."

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Friday, Dec. 9: John Scott calls it quits

Friday, Dec. 9: John Scott calls it quits

Here are all the links from around the hockey world and what I’m reading while digging the Spider-Man trailer that dropped last night. 

*John Scott has finally called it a day and announced his retirement, and apparently there’s a book of his memoirs also coming out too. I’m predicting it’s not headed for the New York Times best seller list. 

*Winter Olympics participation and the CBA negotiations for the NHL are starting to merge into giant issue.  

*Connor McDavid calls the Flyers' Brandon Manning classless for telling him on the ice that he purposefully tried to hurt him last season. Some players might also take issue with McDavid making public what another player said to him on the ice. That’s kind of a no-no for most hockey players and breaks an unwritten rule that McDavid might think he’s above given his star status. This whole thing isn’t a good look for anybody. 

*Kevin Stevens pleads guilty to federal drug charges in what’s become a pretty sad situation for the former NHL star. 

*New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist is beginning to raise questions with his play, and his massive price tag. 

*Youngsters Zach Weresnki and Dylan Larkin took similar paths to the NHL, and are both considered part of the talented young generation full of hockey stars. 

*PHT writer Joey Alfieri has Carey Price taking a nutty on Kyle Palmieri after the player crashed into his crease last night. Price is being celebrated for sticking up for himself, but if another goalie did that to a Habs player at the Bell Centre, there would already be a warrant out for his arrest. Play it both ways, Montreal!  

*For something completely different: here’s the aforementioned new Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer that looks pretty darn good. 


Two more Pastrnak goals pull him into tie for NHL lead with Crosby

Two more Pastrnak goals pull him into tie for NHL lead with Crosby

BOSTON – While the loss to the Avalanche on Thursday night was a monumental dud, it put another dazzling display on the hockey resume of David Pastrnak. 

The 20-year-old star right winger scored two more goals in the 4-2 loss at TD Garden and nearly brought the Bruins back into the game by himself before another defensive breakdown at the end of the second period doomed them. 

Instead, Pastrnak had to settle with being the proud owner of 18 goals scored in 23 games that places him in a tie with NHL superstar Sidney Crosby for the NHL lead in goals. 

The goals also showed his wide range of lethal offensive skills. On the first score, he just broke away from the Avalanche defense and managed to bury a second-effort breakaway chance after a nice Tim Schaller stretch pass off the boards. The second goal was a straight one-timer bomb from the high slot off a slick setup pass from Brad Marchand in the corner, and it had the Bruins right back into the mix after a dreadful first period. 

It wasn’t enough when the B’s defense faltered again toward the end of the second period, but it was enough for everybody to be singing Pastrnak’s praises once again following the loss. 

“He’s a game changer. The momentum is going the other way, and he has the ability to break away on any given shift and score a big goal for us. He did that tonight,” said Torey Krug. “We can’t just keep relying on the same guys to score goals. We’ve got to come up with secondary offense, and I know every other guy wants to do that. 

“Now it’s about showing that on the ice and making sure we’re doing the work and getting better and proving to ourselves. But Pasta [David Pastrnak] has been great for us so far, and we’re obviously lucky to have him.”

The 18 goals barely two months into the season are not too shabby for a kid, in his third NHL season, who just now coming into his own. He’s nearly halfway to 40 before Christmas. For Pastrnak, however, it’s about the team result and he wasn’t overly satisfied with his two goals in a losing effort. 

“I’ve said before the season that our goal is to make the playoffs and to have that experience and have the chance to win the Stanley Cup. I’m still focusing on that,” said Pastrnak, who has yet to experience the Stanley Cup playoffs in his two-plus seasons with the Black and Gold. “We have zero points from tonight’s game and we have to move on. I think our game gets better in the second and third periods, you know, and we have to regroup and get ready for Saturday’s game.”

The Bruins will undoubtedly regroup and once again count on another Pastrnak offensive explosion to help lead the way in what’s become a truly spectacular season for the youngster.