Bring me these super shoes


Bring me these super shoes

By Adam Hart

I am competitive.

Being so, I spend any downtime at work scouting the other CSN regional Web sites, mainly to see what material we can use on Wicked Good Sports. And where we can one-up them. But mainly the material thing.

Today's scouting mission brings us material from, where they have a "Showcase" area for what seems to be important things. Those important things:

1) Sports Awards for Chicago's "best-known professional athletes." Scal's obviously taking home first place. Eh.

2) 5 Questions with... some Chicago sportscaster from a rival station. Double-eh.

3) Mind and Body, in which:

Chuck Garfien and Sarah Kustok try and help you stay the course this holiday season with demonstrations of many different fitness challenges around Chicago.

This sounds fun. Like, they're definitely seeing how many walking laps one can do around Wrigley Field in an hour, right? Or who can stand up to the harsh Chicago wind the longest. Or how many pounds of deep dish pizza one can down in 20 minutes without the aid of beer.

Well, if those are perfectly reasonable fitness challenges...


No one is even using them to their full potential. If the super shoes are modeled after trampolines, who reduced them to fancy aerobics sneakers?

"Do they even make aerobics sneakers?" I asked myself immediately after typing that.

In my book, these super shoes serve only two purposes: Dunking and making acrobatic diving catches into the swimming pool. That's it. That's it. THAT IS IT!