The Brady news that didn't break


The Brady news that didn't break

By Mary Paoletti

Rumor day! Rumor Day! Rumor day!

Oh, man. I love rumor days in the sports world. But there's one important thing to remember: they're sneaky.

A rumor is sometimes born when a media outlet says "Let's stir the pot. Remember those 'what ifs' we got from some sources' sources? Let's make a story about one of those. Or what about that thing that happened to that guy a while ago? Let's recycle that but sound all surprised and dramatic so people think it's news."

Thus, the rumor -- thrice removed from the supposed source -- is born.

This is what happened with Tom Brady's broken foot. Or supposedly broken foot. Whichever.

Your reaction after reading this should be to wonder 'Didn't Brady hurt his foot back in November?' You would be wondering correctly.

But if you're thinking 'Oh, no! Brady broke his foot?! OMG! I hope he's okay! No wonder the Patriots lost that playoff game! That game doesn't count! WE WANT A MULLIGAN! PUT THE PLAYOFFS ON HOLD. RE-PLAY THE GAME AFTER HE'S HEALED," then you got hosed.

Toldja they're sneaky.

Don't be taken in. Tom E. Curran tells you why Brady's problem on Sunday was the Jets and not his foot right here.

In his story, Curran mentions the fact that I heard rumblings of Brady's possible breakage back in December. Allow me to elaborate.

I went to a bar on Christmas Eve. (Don't judge me, just listen to the damn story.) Anyway. I was enjoying drinks with my best friend, Jenna, when we were interrupted by two older gentlemen.

Short, Bald, Bespeckled Man: My wife died of anorexia; would you like a piece of cheese?

Me Blinks several times: No, thank you.

Jenna Covers mouth: Wow. Wow. That is not appropriate bar conversation.

Short, Bald, Bespeckled Man: Looks down to cheese plate. Looks back at me. Looks up at TV showing football highlights Tom Brady's gotta broken foot. Eats piece of cheese.

Me: Turns to short guy Wait, what?

Tall, Greasy Man: It's true. Takes a pull of scotch and soda

Me: Whhaat are you talking about?

Short, Bald, Bespeckled Man: Iz true. I was atta conference today in Brewer -- you know where Brewer is? -- an' Tom Brady's doctor's brother told everybody that hezgotta broken foot.

Tall, Greasy Man: It's true. Takes a pull of scotch and soda

Me Raises eyebrow: We know his foot is injured, but it hasn't been reported as broken. I'm in that locker room every week with several other reporters. Why is this news being shared at a conference in Brewer, Maine and not by the Patriots?

Short, Bald, Bespeckled Man: I dunno, but iz true. I heard it myself. Today. Atta conference in Brewer. You know where Brewer is?

Tall, Greasy Man: It's true. Takes a pull on scotch and soda

Me: Turns back to Jenna Tom Curran's gonna have a good laugh at this. Sends text to Tom

And that's it.

I did not pick up a big red rotary phone and dial an emergency line to my editor: "ART. A SOURCE JUST TOLD ME THAT BRADY'S FOOT IS FRACTURED. WE'VE GOT TO BREAK THIS IMMEDIATELY. DEAR GOD, I NEED TO TWEET THIS. "

Why? C'mon. No need to further insult your intelligence today.

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