Yankee Stadium prompts new-look Sox outfield

Yankee Stadium prompts new-look Sox outfield
April 10, 2014, 7:15 pm
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NEW YORK -- Owing to the dimensions of Yankee Stadium as much as anything, the Red Sox switched up their outfield alignment for the first game of their four-game series with the Yankees.

At Fenway, the Sox have used Grady Sizemore in left and Jackie Bradley Jr. in right for a few games. But Thursday, the Sox tried out Bradley in center with Sizemore playing left.

It was Sizemore's first start in left field in his major league career.

"We just felt like with the ground that's got to be covered here,'' explained John Farrell, "it's almost the reverse of what we do in Fenway and to keep Jackie in center field and put Grady on the left side is for
that reason -- it's to cover the vast space that's on the left side of the field.''

Still, Farrell stressed that such an alignment is far from permanent.

"For the alignment here in Yankee Stadium, that's what we're looking to cover,'' he said. "Outfield defense, when it doesn't get executed, I think those are the games in which you see some damage from a given play,
maybe more so than a ground ball that isn't fielded in the infield. We're looking to put the best lineup each and every day on the field to win.

"It's an alignment we've talked about internally. We felt it's best-fitting here with the ground to cover. I'm not going to say we'll do this on a permanent basis, because we've shown we're going to rotate Jonny Gomes through
there and he's going to get ample time in left field. But this is the way we're going about it tonight; this isn't we're looking to pencil in everyday going forward.''