Who will regret Cano deal more, Yankees or Mariners?

Who will regret Cano deal more, Yankees or Mariners?
December 6, 2013, 8:15 pm
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The New York Yankees just lost a franchise player to the Seattle Mariners. 

The Seattle Mariners just made the worst deal since Alex Rodriguez's albatross. 

These tend to be the two prevailing opinions in the immediate aftermath of the Mariners' signing of Robinson Cano to a 10-year $240 million contract. 

Someone just did something very stupid.

Steve Buckley joins Uno Sports Tonight and says that blunder belongs to the Mariners.  

"I think in the grand scheme it's going to be a disaster for the Seattle Mariners. They're going to look back at the good old days of wasted money on Chone Figgins. That's gonna be the good old days. This is how bad [the Cano contract] is going to be."

The Yankees lost a power bat in their lineup, a key fielder up the middle, but now have roughly $175 million to spend on the rest of the free agent pool.

When you think about it, losing out on the right to still be paying a 40-year old second baseman doesn't sound so bad. Especially not one who seemed to disappear when things mattered most.

"I think Felgie nailed it, [Cano] could not always answer the bell in New York," says Buckley. "Played all the time, but he didn't always have his head in the game. And in New York, if you don't deliver the goods, that media, that fanbase, they crush you. In Seattle… it's just not the same. It's a wonderful city. It's a great ballpark, but the expectations are always different. And you can tank there, and not have the same repercussions in Seattle that you would have in New York." 

Ten years from now, which team is going to regret this deal more? The Yankees for losing their potential future Hall of Fame second baseman? Or the Mariners who will still be paying Cano more money than anyone probably wants to be paying an aforementioned 40-year old second baseman?