When Martinez speaks, Doubront will listen


When Martinez speaks, Doubront will listen

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- Felix Doubront spoke with Pedro Martinez Monday and looks forward to working with the pitching legend.

"He just reminded me how to throw the ball and that long toss is important -- little things like that,'' said Doubront. "On Wednesday he's going to be there for my side and we'll talk a little more.''

Doubront said Martinez stressed the mental side of the game and how important it is to have the right approach.

"All the time,'' he said. "The mental part is a big part of going through the season. It's tough. He said the first half is all physical, but the second half is tough. It's more mental.''

Doubront recalls watching Martinez pitch and said he intends to "pick up everything he gives me. He's still the man. He can help you with big things and little things. I want to pick up everything he's going to teach me.''

The lefty hopes to learn from Martinez's "toughness and the attitude he has on the mound. He would battle through innings.''

Doubront is scheduled for a side session Wednesday, to be followed by another a few days later and finally a live batting practice session. His exhibition debut, he estimated, is probably about 10 days away.

He said the shoulder is "real strong. But the test is Wednesday.''