What to do with John Lackey in 2015...

What to do with John Lackey in 2015...
April 8, 2014, 3:15 pm
John Lackey is scheduled to make the minimum in 2015. If you are the Red Sox, do you sign him to an extension or make him honor the contract?

When John Lackey signed with the Boston Red Sox in 2010, a clause was included in his contract that stated that if he missed an entire season due to an arm injury, it would activate an additional year on to his contract at the Major League minimum.

Since he missed 2012 for Tommy John surgery, this is now a reality for the Sox No. 2 starter. While the first couple of years with Boston were rocky to say the least, he completely redeemed himself last year, and is off to a very good start through two starts this year.

So if you are Ben Cherington and company, do you offer a lucrative extension to Lackey or make him pitch for the minimum?

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