What constitutes a successful season for the Sox?

What constitutes a successful season for the Sox?
July 15, 2014, 12:00 am
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2014 has been a very difficult year for the Boston Red Sox.

With more downs than ups, what needs to happen for this to become a successful season for the Red Sox? 

"I don't think we can view this in terms of a successful season anymore," said Tomase. "I think the season is probably lost. Maybe they go on some crazy run, but lets be realistic, they still don't hit much. 

"I think the way to make this season a 'success'… I think you have to give people a reason to believe 2015 will be better." 

Bob Neumeier believes salvaging Xander Bogaerts' season is the most important thing. 

"This is a key element moving forward," said Neumeier. "The've messed this kid up, his head is on a swivel right now. I think he's hitting .100 in his last 30 games. Shortstop to third, he hasn't delivered. He is messed up. Can they get him back on the beam? That, to me, would be a successful second half if they can turn this kid around."

Tomase agreed with Neumeier.

"Salvaging this guy is hugely important because you don't want to lose him now. You don't want him going into next season with the doubts that he has now."