A Weekend of Opportunity


A Weekend of Opportunity

This weekend at Fenway, the Red Sox host to the last place Toronto Blue Jays.

Of course, that the Jays are in last place at this stage of the season means next to nothing especially since they're only two and a half games behind Boston but after a rough few months, it's nice that we can refer to another team being in last place. Go ahead. Give a try.

The last place Toronto Blue Jays!

See? A lot of fun.

But to be honest, last place is the least of Toronto's problems right now. In the last month, they've lost two starting pitchers: Brandon Morrow (until August) and Kyle Drabek (for the season). In the last week, they've lost third baseman (and the owner of one of the dumbest tattoos in baseball) Brett Lawrie to a calf injury and slugger Jose Bautista to a wrist injury.

So, what do you think? Is this when the Sox finally get over the hump? Will they feast on the broken Jays and finally leave .500 in their dust, or will we reconvene on Monday, having the same tired conversation?

They're inconsistent! They're average! Trade the whole team! Bring up everyone from Pawtucket!

Man, I hope not. Not sure if I can play that game anymore. I'm sick of drama. I'm ready for baseball. We all are. We all love what this team has given us since the All-Star Break, but it's only natural to demand more. It's almost August. Nearly everyone's healthy. Excuses are over, and it's time to win.

And wouldn't you know, there are two guys in that clubhouse who currently find themselves in prime position to take Boston to the next level.

Josh Beckett, who has one win since May, will be on the mound tonight. Jon Lester, who hasn't won all month, takes the bump on Sunday. With everything clicking around them, the Sox two embattled starters are poised to both reaffirm their dominance and keep the Sox rolling.

And what better target than the last place Blue Jays.

Yup. That phrase still sounds much better in front of another team's name.

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